About Us

About Us

Baykap Drywall Installation Industry Company was founded by Mr. Besim Kaplaner in 1971 in Duisburg, Germany. In the early years, works such as Drywall Suspended Ceiling&Drywall Partition Wall Works &0,85 Panel and Acoustic Rockwool Suspended Ceiling were carried out and then fine Construction &Decoration works including Exterior Thermal Sheathing has been included. In 1991 the company established its center in Iskenderun under the same name and moved it to Istanbul in 2003 as Baykap Drywall Decoration Commitment Industry and Froreign Trade Marketing Ltd. Inc. Since its foundation, together with our team preserving the first day of excitement and amateur spirit and taking firm steps forward their targets, as Baykap Drywall Decoration, which has carried out successful projects either in Turkey or abroad with a quality, fast and customer oriented understanding, we impprove and empower our team each passing day and give all sorts of project service at all stages of decoration with our experienced engineers and architects to our clients.

Out Vision

Baykap Decoration, which adopts quality as a way of life and protects integrity and trust as the most important values, with its management principle based on ”Respect for People” and all fine works it has carried out in the projects, managed to put its name into the most reputable companies in the sector. At Baykap Decoration, vision and values determine everything from employment to operation.

  • While preserving our feature of being an enterprise which implements the tasks it undertakes with outstanding success in quality and execution time, with the aim of making long- lasting works through making difference in the undertaken projects, we continuously increase our contributionto economy of our country for a modern and contemporary Turkey
  • We run our projects with the aim of being one of the most trustworthy companies that set the standards for productivity, quality, labor and employee safety issues in the construction sector
  • In the light of nationwide and worldwide pacesetter designs, which has entrepreneurial spirit and feature of being a model for others , we carry the architectural responsibiliy of Turkey.

Our Mission

  • Tp complete model projects keeping abreast of all the latest global construction technologies without compromising integrity and quality
  • Using the latest technological opportunities in engineering, architecture and management sciences, to complete fine constructions at high quality standards
  • To maintain and increase our company’s tangible and intangible assets in a healthy way
  • To assume important roles in the development of our work areas through our existing and new services and to be a perpetual entrepreneur
  • In line with our company’s capability and capacity, to meet our clients’ all service expectations at world standards
  • To make contribution to global developments in construction sector.